A sad announcement

R.I.P. Robin.

An Update

It appears that Barry’s website is offline now, and further enquiries have elicited the (unofficial) information that Barry has decided to call it a day and the Woodworker’s Group is therefore no more.

Should this be true (and it looks very much like it is at the time of writing), it only remains to wish Barry and his team all the best for the future.


It is with some sadness that I have to declare my endeavours with this site to be at an end. Barry, our esteemed supervisor, has decided to try his hand at setting up and running a website himself and now that his is up and running it has understandably been decided that there is no longer any need for my own, now duplicate, efforts.

Here’s a link to Barry’s own site;


It only remains for me to say that the last year and a month have been not only a privilege but a complete blast, and to wish Barry well in his efforts with the new site. I also wish the Liskerrett wood workers themselves well too in their own efforts, since obviously without them neither this site nor Barry’s would have the need to exist.

Finally, thank you all who over the last year and a bit have clicked on our link and browsed this site. I had my moments with it (when pictures and text simply wouldn’t line up the way I wanted them to, and when a link to an online copy of the Liskerrett newsletter resulted in a giant mess of text), but I think in the end both I and this site “got there”.

On to the next challenge, whatever it might be! If it is half as much fun as this one I’ll count myself very lucky.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Giles (webmaster).

Greetings from the Woodies, and an update concerning our future


Sadly our future is looking uncertain at the moment with the lapsing of the period for which we were in receipt of funding, and with no further sources of funding in prospect our continued existence as Liskerrett Working In Wood is in jeopardy. We hope this current anxious period will soon come to a close.

Recent work created by the group

Here are some samples of the most recent work the team has been producing recently;














A welcome visitor returns

We were delighted on Wednesday to welcome Nina Davey from BBC Radio Cornwall as our special guest for the day.

Nina has a long standing association with us from when we were the Gardening Group, and always manages to restore the faith of even the most hard-bitten cynics amongst us in the positive power of radio journalism.

She managed to record an interview with us all whilst she was here, and this will be going out on Radio Cornwall (naturally) on Wednesday 21st November, at or around 3.30 p.m. Be sure to stay tuned!

Mention in the June 2012 Liskerrett Newsletter

We’ve now got a mention in a recent edition of “The Hub,” Liskerrett Community Centre’s monthly newsletter, which is nice.

To read this, click on the link below;


The newsletter should then appear in your default document viewer. The article is on the last page.

(Just a brief update though; Barry’s contact number, given at the end of the piece, is no longer current. The current one is 07549660397.)


This is the first post on this blog, launching a new and exciting woodworking business based in the fine town of Liskeard in Cornwall.